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In 2007, Saavedra founded Empire Opera to showcase new and rare operas and build new opera audiences through outreach. (

Empire creates performance opportunities for artists from all backgrounds and proudly boasts that it is the most ethnically diverse opera company in the world.

link to Empire Opera website

Classical and Jazz Vocalist

Saavedra released "Stained Glass Windows" in 2013, and is preparing additional recordings: "Riquezas de los pobres", a collection of Latin American folk and classical songs.

He is also currently recording a jazz album, "Setting Standards".

Fall 2017 Saavedra performed a classical recital in Vienna, Austria with works by Brahms, Grever, and Coleridge-Taylor.  He also premiered original songs from his collection, "Song Leaves" poems by Walt Whitman from Leaves of Grass.


Saavedra's compositions include songs for voice and piano, solo instrumental works, choral works, and operas.

His latest choral piece is Psalm 4:1. Other works include A Cappella Mass for chorus and 4 solo voices, Sweet Dreams, a children's opera that premiered in 2012.

Upcoming works include Grandma's Garden, a children's opera, and, the long awaited completion of Passion, an opera in four acts on the biblical passion story.

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